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Posted: 10/01/2013 in Weekly Post.


I am pretty busy at the moment but I have some ideas for where I am going to take pictures this weekend. I want to get some of the IFC from the west Kowloon promenade. I was down there for New Year’s Eve, the fireworks were not great but I thought I want to get some shots from here when I have less drunken idiots around. 
Anyway I hope to get some good shots and update them on Monday.



  1. Hi – I just wondered how you’re getting on with using the app? Love your photos by the way!
    Mary, BlogPad Pro

    • jamiehardisty says:

      Hey Mary,

      Well I have only just started to use it. I like the way it looks and works so far. I can definitely see me using it when I am taking pictures overseas or out and about and I am transferring them to my iPad, and uploading from there. (Much easier than lugging the MacBook around along with all the lenses etc.)

      When the iPad first came I could not see any point to it. Now I use it all the time for work and this app is going to make it much easier to do stuff on the fly for my blog.

      Thanks for the comment about my photos. I enjoy taking the pictures and some times I get lucky.


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