Weekly photo challenge:Beyond.

Posted: 22/01/2013 in Weekly Photo Challenge.

So the weekly photo challenge is Beyond. So I thought long and hard about this and what I wanted to post up. I decided in the end that I wanted to go for a few images from Mongolia.

I have been to Mongolia twice,both of them in the summer time. The first time I was doing the Trans-Siberian railway from Beijing to Moscow, and I stopped for four days in the Ulan Bator part of the country. (I was actually riding the train from Hong Kong all the way to where my parents live in North Wales, but that is a story for another time.) Anyway I loved the beauty of the country and how welcoming the people were. I think the contrast from Hong Kong was ultimately what made it such a great place for me.

Anyway fast forward a year and I decided that I wanted to go and see more of the country. So on the train I went again all the way back to Beijing and then on to Mongolia. I arrived in the Gobi Desert, the first stop of my trip at a place called Sainshand. Now I figured that as I was in a desert it would be dry, it rained every day that I was there. As part of that stop I went to the Khamar monastry a must see sight according to my guide, I was not so sure. Anyway we arrive at the temple and the first sight to greet me was,


Yes they look like a pair of breasts. Apparently women come and give offerings in the form of rice and milk that they throw on top to increase their chances of becoming pregnant.

Then we went in to the main part of the monastery and were greeted by this,


Apparently the eyes look evil to some and fine to others, and which one you see has something to do with your mood.

Now my guide was telling me that the monastery is a location that has a lot of positive energy and so people come from all over to stand in the circles that are considered to be powerful, or in her case to lie down.


So she was connecting to the other side, which was where the idea for beyond came to me.

What I thought was ironic was that she then proceeded to call her family from the circle to spread the good luck. Which is so common that one of the mobile phone companies has a mast in the middle of the desert.


With bare feet for a better connection. Not to the mast but to the energy.

After four days I moved on and managed to get an image that was much more what I remembered of Mongolia, but again with a spiritual connection.


Admittedly the link here is to shamanism, and not Buddhism. But this is one of my favourite shots from the trip. You will find them dotted all over the country on top of the hills.

In total I spent three and a half weeks in Mongolia on the second trip, with a lot of photos. All of which were taken on my Samsung WB 700 point and shoot camera.

So there is my contribution to beyond. A link to the spiritual side of my trip to Mongolia.

  1. frizztext says:

    very amused by the first photo, the two breasts with laundry

    minimalism at it’s best!

  2. […] jamiehardisty/ takes us on a journey to a temple in Mongolia and to aspects of the spiritual “beyond” […]

  3. Really love the last photo the most – what an interesting photo story…..

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