Hong Kong Shark Foundation.

Posted: 23/01/2013 in Weekly Post.

Hey Everyone,

At school I run an environmental issues group, and one of the causes we have been supporting over the last couple of years is the Hong Kong Shark Foundation. This is an NGO that is trying to restrict the sale of Shark Fins for soup which is a popular dish in Asia, especially at weddings etc. As in so many ways the fair city I live in leads the world in terms of the shark fin trade. (about 50% apparently passes through Hong Kong), and there is little or no regulation on it. At this moment in time the government still serves shark fin soup at official functions and the HKSF is trying to get them to stop doing this.

Some of you may have seen the photos of the shark fins drying on the roof top in Kennedy Town in Hong Kong recently http://gu.com/p/3czgv/iw . They were taken by Paul Hilton a Photojournalist (you can see some of his amazing work over at paulhiltonphotography.com) who is involved with a lot of charities and Environmental NGO’s.

Anyway the whole point of my post is that if you feel that this is something that needs to stop, then maybe you can fill out the petition I am linking below.


Thanks a lot in advance for those of you who sign.






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