Weekly Photo Challenge:Love

Posted: 01/02/2013 in Weekly Photo Challenge.

So the Weekly Photo Challenge is love. I was not really sure how to progress with this one and my father I just noticed has taken the idea that I had earlier on in the week which was about do animals feel love.

I am going to share the images anyway and get back on to it next week.

Old Rhino Couple IMG_2368 SAM_0622 SAM_0981

The first image is the old Rhino couple at Berlin Zoo, or that is what they look like to me.

The second image is from Jakarta Zoo. it is a mother and child.

The third Image is from a rehabilitation centre for Elephants in Chiang Mai Thailand. They love their daily bathe apparently.

The final image is two cats from Tokyo. They are enjoy the Cherry Blossom party and have even got dressed up for the occasion.

I know it is a short post this week but College work and also having to sort out some work related issues have hit me for six this week.




  1. My favourite is the Orang Utan, but they’re all good

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