So the weekly photo challenge is lost in the detail. take a photo opportunity and move in closer to see what else you can see.

A couple of years back I played Rugby for the Hong Kong Police, a very enjoyable pass time on the weekend for being sociable and keeping my fitness up. This weekend was the grand final for the Hong Kong Rugby Football Union leagues with the top two teams from all the leagues playing at King’s Park. I decided this would be a good opportunity to catch up with some of the old boys and also to get a few good shots of the game.

First up was the Hong Kong Police vs the Discovery Bay Pirates, unfortunately the Police lost but I did get some good pictures.

The one below sets the scene of my lost in the detail scenario. It is the scrum, the part of the game which most people have no idea what is going on. As a loose head prop this was the area I was expected to spend a fair amount of time in (Especially when the back players knock on the ball!!) In the scrum there is a lot of binding that needs to go on to hold it all together, apparently the scrum is one of the most dangerous things in any sport in the world. You can just make out one of binds across the guys at the front backs and on to the leg.


But what happens when we get in closer? IMG_5384

Well we can see that the player on the side called the flanker is bound on to the second row and is helping to push the guy in front. What a lot of people miss is the bind between the legs of the front player grabbing on to the top of his short. (Look next to the Kukri symbol in the shadows.) This is the bind of the second row player on to the prop it helps hold the core of the scrum together.

Next up the line out. Here you can see the two props supporting the guy jumping so that he can knock the ball back. It is amazing how long a player can float in the air like this.


After the game there is always celebrations and some times in rugby this can be a little weird, as can be seen by this photo. In this case the Discovery Bay Winger is enjoying his victory.


Finally on to the next match I watched. Can you work out what is a little bit different about this picture?


Well the pink may be the clue, all of these players are female. ( Not always the case, Paris St. German men’s team played in a pink kit a few years back.)

And just to prove it, I had to finish off with a common seen site according to a lot of people who have watched some rugby.


This lady is one tough cookie. It was quite a big cut and she came off strapped it up and went straight back in.

Anyway there you have my ideas for lost in the details.

  1. You wouldn’t catch me in the scrum, that’s for sure….

  2. Alastair says:

    I like the fact that women play and that they are just as “hard” as the men 🙂

    Thanks for selecting my link for a pingback

  3. Kris says:

    wow, these are fantastic photos that really capture the action and emotion of the moment! I’m honored to have a pingback on your post.

  4. becky6259 says:

    I never knew much about rugby, but your photographs have shown it to be a pretty intense game! I really like your use of close-up to show what the players are REALLY doing. Thanks so much for the pingback of my post on Mrs. City Boy, and for this glimpse into the sport of rugby!

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