Weekly Phoneography Challenge:Lunch Time

Posted: 22/03/2013 in Weekly Photo Challenge.
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So the Weekly Phoneography challenge is Lunch Time.

I could have gone with the following image taken on my iPad. But then I decided that was kind of boring and was not really what I did at lunch time.


So with the weekly challenge being phoneography I decided to show you more what I did at lunch time today with my iPad an a new app that I had just got called Tangled FX. The original image was one I took on my trip to South Africa last year of a lioness in Pilanesberg national park.


I know that the image was not taken with my iPad, but the following images were created on my iPad at lunchtime. I also transferred the images on to my iPad at the time using the device that Apple sells.

So what did I end up doing? Well tangled FX is an app that takes an image you already have or that you take on the device and applies some drawing type effects to it. (This is a tired explanation at the end of a long week. I will let the images talk for themselves, they will probably make more sense.)

The first image is using a pre-set effect called Cartoon. I kind of like this image especially around the eyes.


The second is called Lightside, a bit to surreal for me. But you can definitely still see the Lion.

light side

The next two are custom setting images. The first one I kind of like, the second one is pretty bad.



At first I really liked the first one with the cartoon effect but the more I look at it the more it feels like a photo that has been tampered with. Now my favourite one is the first custom setting one, I think it is because it is so different from the original. You can still make out the Lion but it does not feel like a photo any more, but more like a computer generated image.

So there we have it lunch time or more importantly what I did with my lunchtime an iPad app and an image.


  1. Manipulation….never. There’s a photoshop filter called fractals us which gives a similar effect to light side but its only available for PC? Sorry that should br fractalius, damn ipad spell checker is too smart sometimes…

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