Weekly Photo Challenge: Culture.

Posted: 03/05/2013 in Weekly Photo Challenge.

I missed last weeks Photo Challenge Up due to work commitments. Which is a real pity as I feel that being in Hong Kong we have a lot of ups. We are the most vertical city in the world apparently, oh well work had to come first.

Culture, In Hong Kong? Some would argue that the only culture in Hong Kong is shopping culture or a culture of money. I tend to disagree, as there is a lot more going on here than that. I could show images of the various ethnic cultures that make up Hong Kong. I still have plan to go and take some pictures in Chung King Mansions at some point. Chung King Mansion is a location where a lot of South Asian who first come to Hong Kong used to stay, with cheap hostels and food from home. Now it is changing with more of the people staying there coming from African states, but the South Asians have kept their businesses there. It is an amazing location that has a real unique flavour, that has got some sights you will not see elsewhere.

I could also take pictures of the blend of old and new in Hong Kong. Instead what I am going to do is show a few images of the Chinese Lion Dancers. At Chinese New Year the Lion Dancers are often seen around town bringing in luck by eating the greens. It is exciting to watch and Businesses will reward the dancers with Red Pockets with money in them if they put on a good show.

Often Lion dances are confused with Dragon dances, but there is a fundamental difference between as the Lion dance is two people in a lion suit whereas dragon dance has many more people carrying a dragon on poles. IMG_4906




Anyway I hope you like my take on culture in Hong Kong.

  1. Reblogged this on Mike Hardisty Photography and commented:
    I never knew there was a difference…

  2. Kris says:

    Those are totally cool! Thanks for the photos and the interesting post.

  3. Very interesting. I’ve not heard of lion dancers before.

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