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Argh I missed last weeks photo challenge again. This week is all about Sea, this could be about the sea of despair that I am in with all the work I have to do!

For most people when they mention the Sea they think of the ocean. I love the ocean, especially at night when you have the crashing of the waves and the cool breeze. But that would not make for a good image.

Instead I am going to talk other types of “sea”.  Mongolia is about 1000km to the nearest stretch of sea (960Km from the easternmost tip to the yellow sea. But I love Mongolia because of the fact that it has two seas. in the south it has an ocean of desert and in the rest an ocean of grass. SAM_0170

In the Desert there are “ships” otherwise known as camels. SAM_0173

And then we have the “islands”. Also known as signs of habitation.SAM_0130

In the rest of the country there is grasslands. With the camels still in tow. SAM_0438

I am always impressed by the fact that no matter where you go in the world you can find some hardy soul living by the side of the “sea”.


And that is my post for Sea.