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Argh I missed last weeks photo challenge again. This week is all about Sea, this could be about the sea of despair that I am in with all the work I have to do!

For most people when they mention the Sea they think of the ocean. I love the ocean, especially at night when you have the crashing of the waves and the cool breeze. But that would not make for a good image.

Instead I am going to talk other types of “sea”.  Mongolia is about 1000km to the nearest stretch of sea (960Km from the easternmost tip to the yellow sea. But I love Mongolia because of the fact that it has two seas. in the south it has an ocean of desert and in the rest an ocean of grass. SAM_0170

In the Desert there are “ships” otherwise known as camels. SAM_0173

And then we have the “islands”. Also known as signs of habitation.SAM_0130

In the rest of the country there is grasslands. With the camels still in tow. SAM_0438

I am always impressed by the fact that no matter where you go in the world you can find some hardy soul living by the side of the “sea”.


And that is my post for Sea.




So I have not posted on here for several weeks, so much for keeping up with the weekly photo challenge.  It was due to a combination of factors including work, working on my masters, travelling and just being a bit of a lazy so and so. Well I am back to school and along with my plan to shed the pounds that I gained over the summer I am going to commit to posting again.

Carefree. Something I wish I was most of the time. But invariably with work and other issues this is often not the case. But over the summer I was in Canada catching up with friends who were former colleagues (one of the perks of being an international school teacher.) As part of the trip I was staying with some friends at a cottage in the woods by the Rideau Canal system. It was incredibly beautiful both in scenery and company that I was with. I was carefree, spending time stacking wood, swimming in the lake, eating fresh picked corn and generally just chilling. Whilst I was there I managed to catch a sunset from the friends cabin across the lake and it reminds me of that carefree summer.IMG_6864_HDR

To next week.




So the weekly photo challenge is Background.

I have decided to go with some pictures I took in Berlin from the roof of the Reichstag building. The first one is from the mirror reflection in the inside of the dome. As you can see I am reflected off of the mirror but in mad house kind of way. IMG_2167

the second image was taken from outside and I only added it because of the amazing storm that appeared to be forming in the background. But what was amazing was that there was no rain the whole time I was in Berlin. IMG_2153 (1)

A short post this week due to work demands.


So the weekly photo challenge is Escape. I was thinking about sharing some more images from Mongolia which is my idea of escape from the crazy world that I love in Hong Kong. It is definitely different from Hong Kong and an escape fro the craziness of the high pace. But in the end I decided to share some images that I took in Melbourne a couple of years back.

I was in Melbourne a few years back for my summer holidays along with the Gold Coast of Australia. Australia was an incredibly beautiful country with some amazing scenery and interesting wildlife. But the point of this post is about what I saw in the urban part of the country. I will be honest here and say that I do not believe that any city comes close to the imagery that you can get in Hong Kong. No where else has the skyline of our harbour or the dramatic back drop of the hills behind all of the skyscrapers. But one thing that we do not have as much of is street art. I am always fascinated by street art ( what some call Graffiti), not the kind that says bob loves sarah but the amazing art that can be found. For example the art found on the Duke of Lancaster. I know that some of this is preplanned and has permission from the owner of the property but in a lot of cases it does not.

So why do I believe there is a link to Escape? Well a lot of these images are an escape from the reality that surrounds them. They add brightness in a world of modern greyness that is often found in any city.

I found the following street that was covered in graffiti completely by chance. I was looking for an apple supplier as I needed to get a charger plug for my iPhone. Anyway as I left the shop I took a wrong turn and was walking along when i happened to see this out of the corner of my eye. IMG_1270

Now normally I do not go down dodgy looking alleys where even the bins are painted. but then I saw this image on the corner and so decided to explore more. IMG_1271

Anyway as I walked down I took a few snaps and they are below.





But I feel my favourite of them all is this one.


Just the surreal feeling I get with the scooter in the foreground.

Anyway there you have my take on escape.


So the Weekly photo challenge is from above. Take an image of something from above and show it in a different light.

Some of you may be aware of the rubber ducky that is Hong Kong at the moment near the star ferry in TST. It is doing a world tour at the moment to promote peace and harmony and is the work of Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman.

Well being a typical Hong Konger I had to go along and see the rubber ducky and feel better about myself. off I went with some friends and we decided to take some pictures from the area that most people are trying to get them from, but then decided that we would get some pictures from the car park above Ocean Terminal. So below are the images I have taken from the original position. SAM_1535


The following is the image that I took from above in the Ocean Terminal building car park. In the image you can see all the people down below trying to get pictures of the duck, there is not a great deal of peace and harmony in the flailing elbows.


Whilst I was up here I also noticed the sunset over the new bridge that connects the down town area to the airport. SAM_1550

And the final image is for those who say that the duck is not taken from directly above. Enterprising individuals have started selling miniature ducks along the waterfront, I was given one of these by a friend. It is much easier to get an image of that from above.


I hope you all feel more at peace having seen the rubber ducky. Have a great weekend.


I missed last weeks Photo Challenge Up due to work commitments. Which is a real pity as I feel that being in Hong Kong we have a lot of ups. We are the most vertical city in the world apparently, oh well work had to come first.

Culture, In Hong Kong? Some would argue that the only culture in Hong Kong is shopping culture or a culture of money. I tend to disagree, as there is a lot more going on here than that. I could show images of the various ethnic cultures that make up Hong Kong. I still have plan to go and take some pictures in Chung King Mansions at some point. Chung King Mansion is a location where a lot of South Asian who first come to Hong Kong used to stay, with cheap hostels and food from home. Now it is changing with more of the people staying there coming from African states, but the South Asians have kept their businesses there. It is an amazing location that has a real unique flavour, that has got some sights you will not see elsewhere.

I could also take pictures of the blend of old and new in Hong Kong. Instead what I am going to do is show a few images of the Chinese Lion Dancers. At Chinese New Year the Lion Dancers are often seen around town bringing in luck by eating the greens. It is exciting to watch and Businesses will reward the dancers with Red Pockets with money in them if they put on a good show.

Often Lion dances are confused with Dragon dances, but there is a fundamental difference between as the Lion dance is two people in a lion suit whereas dragon dance has many more people carrying a dragon on poles. IMG_4906




Anyway I hope you like my take on culture in Hong Kong.

So the Weekly Photo Challenge is change.

For me Change can mean many things,  the change in people, seasons or even as simple the change in location.  I could have talked about how I have changed over the years, I could have talked about the changing of the seasons. In the end I decided to talk about the a change that you can see within Hong Kong if you travel no more than one hour from the down town area around the Harbour.

Most people when they think of Hong Kong think of this image. IMG_4632

Or the images that I linked in My Neighbourhood.

But what a lot do not realise about Hong Kong is that there is a huge area of Hong Kong that is country parks. (If you do not believe me just look at a satellite map of Hong Kong on google and you will see a lot of greenery, especially in the north east.)

So in this post I want to highlight what a change travelling out of the centre can make. All of these photos are from the North East corner of Hong Kong around the villages of Sam A Tsuen etc. in the Plover Cove Country Park.  There are a lot of abandoned Villages in this part of the world that the young men and women left in the 60’s to go and work overseas in the UK for example. The villages continued for about 20 years more and started to be abandoned in the 80’s as parents got too old to hike 6 or 7 km in and out of some of them. I can get to this park in about an hour from where I live in the down town area.

Nature is changing and claiming them back slowly but surely, but in some of the villages there are holdouts. People who keep the places on for weekend homes or in some cases the sons returning from overseas to claim their family homes back, a lot of whom are retired. I wonder how many of them will be able to keep going.

There is a huge amount of Nature in the area and some really interesting structures, there are also the infamous wild cows of Hong Kong. Anyway I hope you like the images below that show the change that can be seen from the Down town area and the country park.