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So the weekly photo challenge is Escape. I was thinking about sharing some more images from Mongolia which is my idea of escape from the crazy world that I love in Hong Kong. It is definitely different from Hong Kong and an escape fro the craziness of the high pace. But in the end I decided to share some images that I took in Melbourne a couple of years back.

I was in Melbourne a few years back for my summer holidays along with the Gold Coast of Australia. Australia was an incredibly beautiful country with some amazing scenery and interesting wildlife. But the point of this post is about what I saw in the urban part of the country. I will be honest here and say that I do not believe that any city comes close to the imagery that you can get in Hong Kong. No where else has the skyline of our harbour or the dramatic back drop of the hills behind all of the skyscrapers. But one thing that we do not have as much of is street art. I am always fascinated by street art ( what some call Graffiti), not the kind that says bob loves sarah but the amazing art that can be found. For example the art found on the Duke of Lancaster. I know that some of this is preplanned and has permission from the owner of the property but in a lot of cases it does not.

So why do I believe there is a link to Escape? Well a lot of these images are an escape from the reality that surrounds them. They add brightness in a world of modern greyness that is often found in any city.

I found the following street that was covered in graffiti completely by chance. I was looking for an apple supplier as I needed to get a charger plug for my iPhone. Anyway as I left the shop I took a wrong turn and was walking along when i happened to see this out of the corner of my eye. IMG_1270

Now normally I do not go down dodgy looking alleys where even the bins are painted. but then I saw this image on the corner and so decided to explore more. IMG_1271

Anyway as I walked down I took a few snaps and they are below.





But I feel my favourite of them all is this one.


Just the surreal feeling I get with the scooter in the foreground.

Anyway there you have my take on escape.



So the Weekly Phoneography challenge is Lunch Time.

I could have gone with the following image taken on my iPad. But then I decided that was kind of boring and was not really what I did at lunch time.


So with the weekly challenge being phoneography I decided to show you more what I did at lunch time today with my iPad an a new app that I had just got called Tangled FX. The original image was one I took on my trip to South Africa last year of a lioness in Pilanesberg national park.


I know that the image was not taken with my iPad, but the following images were created on my iPad at lunchtime. I also transferred the images on to my iPad at the time using the device that Apple sells.

So what did I end up doing? Well tangled FX is an app that takes an image you already have or that you take on the device and applies some drawing type effects to it. (This is a tired explanation at the end of a long week. I will let the images talk for themselves, they will probably make more sense.)

The first image is using a pre-set effect called Cartoon. I kind of like this image especially around the eyes.


The second is called Lightside, a bit to surreal for me. But you can definitely still see the Lion.

light side

The next two are custom setting images. The first one I kind of like, the second one is pretty bad.



At first I really liked the first one with the cartoon effect but the more I look at it the more it feels like a photo that has been tampered with. Now my favourite one is the first custom setting one, I think it is because it is so different from the original. You can still make out the Lion but it does not feel like a photo any more, but more like a computer generated image.

So there we have it lunch time or more importantly what I did with my lunchtime an iPad app and an image.