Weekly Photo Challenge: Sign.

Posted: 07/06/2013 in Weekly Post.

So the weekly photo challenge is Sign.

I live in Asia and I could have linked lots of signs that are of really bad English (Sometimes called Chinglish) or just weird imagery. One springs to mind of a toilet in Beijing’s forbidden city, a picture of how to use a squatting toilet that if you followed it you would end up covered in your own business.

But instead I decided to show you some images of the Hong Kong skyline from the night when we had the fireworks for China’s national day. As you can see, there are lots of advertising that happens on the buildings with the neon signs.

But why the fireworks?

Well I like the images for one, but if you look at the third image you can make out a figure of 8 star bursts. In China the number 8 is considered to be lucky because the word rhymes with money. It is the same reason why the Number 4 is unlucky because it rhymes with death.  So by having a figure of 8 in the burst it becomes a sign of good luck for the coming year.



IMG_0080 (1)


Anyway another short post due to work commitments. We are getting to the business end of the year, but soon it will be over and I will be off for the summer holidays.

  1. Peter S says:

    Hey there, thanks for the pingback! Nice to be in such good company!

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