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So I have not posted on here for several weeks, so much for keeping up with the weekly photo challenge.  It was due to a combination of factors including work, working on my masters, travelling and just being a bit of a lazy so and so. Well I am back to school and along with my plan to shed the pounds that I gained over the summer I am going to commit to posting again.

Carefree. Something I wish I was most of the time. But invariably with work and other issues this is often not the case. But over the summer I was in Canada catching up with friends who were former colleagues (one of the perks of being an international school teacher.) As part of the trip I was staying with some friends at a cottage in the woods by the Rideau Canal system. It was incredibly beautiful both in scenery and company that I was with. I was carefree, spending time stacking wood, swimming in the lake, eating fresh picked corn and generally just chilling. Whilst I was there I managed to catch a sunset from the friends cabin across the lake and it reminds me of that carefree summer.IMG_6864_HDR

To next week.